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Our Story

most dreams start as a small thought.

here is how my small thought

became a dream realized.

When I was seven, my greatest hope in life was to be “discovered” and chosen to be on the next Olympic Gymnastics team. Nadia Comenici was my hero. I was as serious as serious can be during my once a week practices at our local Boys & Girls Club. I was convinced that if I practiced hard enough and spent every-moment-possible flipping around in my backyard, the ONE person who CHOSE these gymnasts would see me, drive up to my house, knock on my door and ask my Mom if it would be ‘ok’ for me to be on the next Olympic team.  That was the thought that kept me up at night and in the backyard perfecting my cartwheels (especially when any cars were driving by).

My Mom, a single mother to me and my six siblings never once told me that I was “wishful thinking,” or “didn’t have a chance.” She also never led on that the Olympic selection process was anything other than I imagined it to be.

She believed in my dreams.

We lived in a three bedroom apartment in a low-income housing project in Western, Massachusetts.  We very well might have been the poorest kids in school, but we never felt that way. We were certain that we were (at least in our Mothers eyes) the most gifted, and wonderful children that ever walked the earth.

My Mom, without a high school diploma,  was able to instill in us the most important things in life. We were taught from a very young age to appreciate all you have, even if it’s not “much”, while at the same time striving for more. My Mother never begrudged her situation, nor did we ours. We didn’t have a car, or a washer and dryer, but what we did have: resilience, determination, hope and big dreams, would carry us all out of poverty.

When someone believes in you the whole world opens up. Lives can change. I have always been a lover of quotes. The right words at the right time can make all the difference in someones life. That’s what this new card line is all about. Powerful words. Beautifully designed. Exquisitely printed. I am proud to launch our inaugural line of cards and hope that you will find them as inspiring as we do.

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