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my grown up christmas list

I have realized over the years that my favorite Christmas songs are the sad ones. I hadn’t really thought about it until recently. My favorite is “My Grown Up Christmas List” (original by Natalie Cole, 1999), but Kelly Clarkson does a great rendition too. When I was a kid, our family was what you would have […]

Kids these days….

  Agree?   When I read this quote during a presentation at our kids school last week (a great one by the way, given by Greg Dale of Excellence in Performance), I thought…“yep, that’s for sure!”   Here’s the kicker.   It was written by Socrates well over 2000 years ago.   We all laughed and […]

Now that I am 40…..(A two year old post that I never quite finished!)

NOTE: I wrote this over two years ago just after my 40th birthday.  I never finished or posted it until today.  I actually remember writing it in one sitting during a swim practice at Kendbrin, (our summer swim and tennis club). I’m not sure why I never posted it…but here it is.  It was a […]

little treasures

I bought two items today for unknown recipients. It’s FUN to do that sometimes. (Once in a while, I even keep said items for myself.) I couldn’t resist this little goodie.                             Not sure if it’s a soap dish or a jewelry […]

Leap and the net will appear

“Tony, Nikki, Ricky, Dukie, Timmy, Tammy Tina!” The list of names rolled off my mother’s tongue without hesitation or breath. It didn’t really matter who she was calling – we all listened.  And usually, it was the 3rd or 4th name she mentioned that she actually wanted…followed by “you know who you are, now get […]

Unexpected gifts of a Fever

Taylor has had a fever for the last few days.  And with the exception of a few Motrin induced happy hours, most of the day she has been like this. Although she has little energy and  isn’t setting the world on fire, I have sort of enjoyed the time we have spent together during the […]

A lucky girl.

Welcome to the Inspirations Blog! I am super excited to see our new site finally go live and feel a bit like a kid getting ready for the first day of school. Excited.  Nervous.  Mostly, just grateful. A tremendous amount of thanks goes out to many people who have contributed to our new venture, but […]