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lets do this

posted on December 2, 2014 by nicole No Comments

I couldn’t sleep last night after I uploaded the “My Grown Up Christmas List” post.

Sometimes, the overwhelming need this time of year feels like an a mountain top that can barely be seen, never mind reached.

It weighs on me.

I spoke to my friend (and gifted photographer), Richard Benjamin about it today. After lunch I had an idea and I believe, we CAN make a difference.

Stay with me…

This weekend we did A LOT of cleaning.  At one point, my husband brought me this little gem of a photo:

Oh. My. Word.

That’s a 7th grade girl, with a mullet.  My kids could not stop themselves from falling on the floor laughing at what their mother once looked like (in public).  And I remember thinking I looked “wicked awesome” on this day of all important school photos.

I meant to post it to perhaps get a few laughs, but I become distracted until today while scrolling through my phone.

So here is the connection between my post from yesterday and this God-awful-photo.  The “ALS ice bucket challenge” raised so much money for ALS research and the social medial community really got behind it.  It was fun and it made an incredible impact. Let’s try to do the same for Toys for Tots this holiday season.

Post your most embarrassing middle school, wedding, horrible Christmas outfit photo and TAG your friends to do the same.  Make a $5 or $10 donation to Toys for Tots.  If even half of my Facebook Friends made a $10 donation, that would be a total of almost $3,000.  But I believe in the power of the internet and I KNOW that as a community we can help kids in need have a wonderful holiday.   So post away and tag your friends to do the same!

So dig out those photos and post way – tag your friends to do the same – it is FUN and will help a very worthy and timely cause.


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